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Cor blimey, another new site!

Men in panties doing what men in panties do – playing with themselves :-)

Lots of super hot pics and vids, let me know what you think.

I’ll start posting some samples soon …

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My Sissy Boyfriend

My Sissy Boyfriend

Brand new sissy site to explore. One quick look and you’ll know if this is for you. Men forced to dress as ladies and then anally abused.

Here’s the link … My Sissy Boyfriend

I’ll get some pictures posted soon

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His first Time Being Feminized – Part 1

Mrs Loving answered the timid knock on the door. In walked her latest trainee. He had been discovered stealing and wearing his mothers panties and been sent to her for correction and feminization.

The first thing with all new sissies is to tell them the rules and then get them out of their boy clothes. When she took of his pants she found that he was already wearing panties and that he was hard.

“Look how naughty you are” she said rubbing his pantied cock.

That began the sissy feminization for the day. Mrs. Loving gently took off the panties he was wearing and replaced them with a pink satin pair with ruffles everywhere.

(To be continued – Video tomorrow)

The full video can be found HERE

The full video can be found HERE

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Wow, I entered the words ’sissy pantyhose’ in google images and was instantly bombbarded with pics from a few certain paysites. The most frequent were Gay Sissies and Strapon Sissies. While these and other sites like them are very good at what they do, its not quite what I was looking for this morning.

Now check out these little beauties, Apparently they are hand made and together with lots of other interesting sissy adapted’ sissy wear can be found on this site HERE (I have no connection with this site, just sharing a link).

I’d happily wear this set of sissy pantyhose and feel VERY special indeed. so naughty …


Moving on rapidily so you can safely remove that hand from your little sissy cock, tut tut, no self control. Whenever I come across a good set of pics I like to share them. Here a small set found on Flikr from a self confessed sissy BarbieBoy. Okay, so the 2nd pic isnt pantyhose but I so love long leggings, a future post for sure :)



And for something a little more adult, here’s a few pics from this amateur set HERE thats got to tease any red blooded sissy pantyhose fan …

Damn, I still havnt got the hang of not including all of todays pics in the gallery view above, so sorry for the repeats. I think it’s the research I put in for these sissy posts thats takes my mind off the technical issues. Its hard being a sissy webmaster but someones got to do it :-) Back soon.

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Mrs Loving continues to give her sissy man advice and guidance on dressing up. Its not long before his sissy cock is hidden from view under his big sissy frock. But its still there, what will mrs Loving do to her big sissy boy.

These 4 pics are from a video that can be found HERE

These 4 pics are from a video that can be found HERE

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Mrs Loving is training Sissy Monika to be the perfect sissy maid. She has to learn to please but first its time for dressing up. A white bra, a big pair of sensible sissy panties, and a lovely frilly petticoat.

Sissy Monika is enjoying the attention and its not long before her sissy cock is becoming quite big and obvious under her panties. Hmm, what will Mrs Loving do with her excited sissy boy maid …

You can follow the adventures of Mrs Loving and Sissy Moneka on her videos HERE

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We all love our sissy panties, and this post is dedicated to them. I admit I never knew there were so many styles of panties, here’s a quck pic to show the basics …


I could do a post on each of these but first I want to move onto the more unusual sissy panties. Here’s a shop where you can buy the following two items HERE Take a look at these extreme examples of ruffled panties …



Or maybe you’d like to visit this site HERE to learn how to make your own somewhat smaller ruffled panties, like this one …


For the more lazy but still feminine and frilly minded sissies among us you could just buy your sissy panties online, for example from this ebay shop HERE (I’ve no affiliation to this sissy panty shop) Here’s a few examples of what they have to offer …


Have you ever heard of bubble panties? I hadnt, but I think all good sissies should have at least one of these in their panty drawers. Here’s a quote from a site that can be found HERE that explains sissy panties a lot better than I can …

“Fashioned after the classic high waist brief, these panties feature two layers of sheer nylon tricot. The inner layer is a reqular sized panty, but the outer layer is an oversized panty. This allows the outer panty to slide over the inner panty, no matter how tightly they fit.”

And a picture to illustrate …


And there’s no way I could finish off this small sissy panties article without showing off these. Just fantastic :)


Fancy wearing those sissy panties the next time you head off to the pub with the ‘boys’ :-)

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Found these this morning, off google images, flikr, and wherever …

And oops, it seems my gallery making skills went a little bit potty. Och well, it proves I’m human :-)


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Just happened to surf into this one by accident (oh yea, right!). Men in bikinis. Just the one page, maybe 15 to 20 pics, worth a look.

Men in Bikinis

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This is an old one with a lot of links, and virtualy all are on topic (sissy, crossdressers)

Pixiedress Toplist

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