Mrs Loving has Sissy Monika all dressed now and it’s time to brush her hair and make her a pretty little sissy girl that her mother will be very proud of.

As shy as Monika is you can’t tell by the size of the bulge in her white satin ruffled sissy panties. Mrs Loving knows the key to her sissies happiness and fulfillment lies in her ability to get the sissy to accept and love being feminized.

Mrs loving does this not only becasue the services is needed but because she truly believes that some boys would prefer to be little girls and just don’t know how to go about it. It is also sexually arousing for her but she even knows she shouldn’t tell her sissies that!

All the Mrs Loving and her Sissy training videos can be seen HERE

3 Responses to “Mrs Loving trains Sissy Monika (part 4)”
  1. jane sisssy says:

    hi there mrs loving i love your web site its very good i love to wear panties and bra too and i a full shaven cock too i would it if you would relpy to this email please i would a old woman like you to play with while i am wear ing panties thanks jane sissy

  2. darlingandrea says:

    I would love to submit to Mrs Loving. This shows how she treats her sissies of which I want to be.
    On my Knees for you Mrs Loving

  3. maryjane michaels says:

    I desire the feeling of mrs loving treatment of her sissies, I envy the girls and their dresses wiching that I was there enjoying the same feeling with all the ruffles and lace on top of my panties.

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