Adult sissy boys in diapers, who’d have thought! Dressed in a pretty pink top with matching panties its only a matter of time before this sissy baby gets himself all hard and excited. I love the way his manly penis peeps over the top of the diaper, like a little pink sissy sausage begging for a mummies sweet mouth to kiss it all better.

But he’s better be a good sissy baby or mummy will be very upset.

Adult Babies or more commonly known as ABDL (Adult Baby and Diaper Lover) are actually a big turn on. They take us back to the days of our childhood and latch on to our most sensual and tender moments. For the adult sissy baby its not just a dressing up game, but a highly charged erotic fantasy and can inevitably end up with an erection and a powerful orgasm.

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  1. Ahsan Fareed says:

    When I did this at the age of 6 my mom and sister forcefully circumcised me.

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